At the Soup Wagon – New Poem

Pleased to unveil “At the Soup Wagon,” a new scribbling of mine that appears in the latest issue (#6) of Rabble Review, page 38. Rabble is a digital, mobile-based online progressive periodical, with a distinctly working class focus. 

This particular issue/theme  “takes a critical look at the daily grind and the toll it takes on our lives. With poignant pieces from a wide range of contributors…Rabble Review No. 6 challenges us to defy the status quo, and finally make possible a world where human connection and emancipation are more than merely possible, but the foundation of human existence.”  You can check out the whole zine at these links, hope you can also throw something in the hat and peruse the whole roster of fine artists in this issue.  

Link to Rabble and Issue 6:
Link straight to the download:

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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