Ten Seconds In-Between

The Day Deserved – Doug Hoekstra (release date June 2021)

Ten Seconds In-Between is Doug Hoekstra’s fourth book, a collection of short stories divided into four key sections – Out of Time, Pieces of Time, Time Found, and Time Lost.  But, ultimately, Ten Seconds In-Between is a collection about connection.   There’s something elusive yet immediate about the characters in the tales, or as a line in “Performance Arts” goes: “You remember reading somewhere that psychologists say when people meet, they decide within 7 and 17 seconds whether or not they will like each other. You wonder about the 10 seconds in-between.” The pieces range from flash to extended, mirroring ephemeral transactions and relationships; as with life, the hope is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Ten Seconds In-Between is a collection of relationship stories, full of interactions where something significant happens and maybe only one of those involved realizes or understands.  You’ll travel to Liverpool and Alcatraz, meet poets and blind street vendors. There’s sex and music, dirty laundry cleaned and a light but sure touch when it comes to politics.  Hoekstra’s talent as a writer shines a light on how these relationships are often simply taken for granted, only to be reimagined on the page and in our collective memory.” (Steve Roberts, author and composer of The Library Project)

Ten Seconds In-between is dedicated to everyone living in and for those ten seconds, the journey we share. Special thanks also go to Vera Ignatowitsch and Lindsay Wang at Better than Starbucks for editorial assistance, to Chad Johnson for artwork/design, to Justin Hamm, Corey Mesler, and Steve Roberts (fine artists all) for cover blurbs and to my son, Jude, with love, for the photo and all he does to make everything matter. (DH)

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More Kind Words

“Doug Hoekstra is either the Hank Williams of the printed page, or the Raymond Carver of the recording studio. Like Leonard Cohen he moves smoothly between writing songs and writing poetry. He works so gracefully because he knows language is the set of wings required and with those wings he can soar and glide. Read him and you will recognize that here is art that’s been waiting for you. It will feel that personal.” (Corey Mesler, Author of Camel’s Bastard Son)

“Doug Hoekstra’s stories, like his songs, are infinitely and irresistibly relatable, leaving us not with answers so much as a sense that someone else understands the struggle. Hoekstra has a knack for finding small moments that test us or reveal us and dramatizing them with candor and just a  touch of lyricism when the moment is right. I don’t just enjoy his work; I trust it.” (Justin Hamm, author of The Inheritence, and American Ephemeral)

“Music runs like a liquid vein through these 80-proof experiences.  Hoekstra pours it out with a Dylan-esque fervor, giving us a sputtering catalog of beauties and terrors…” (Paste Magazine on Hoekstra’s previous collection Bothering the Coffee Drinkers)

The Cover

“I’ve always been into classic movies and love Saul Bass’ title sequences for Hitchcock, Preminger, and many others. (He also made one really interesting sci-fi film on his own called Phase IV).

The stories in Ten Seconds In-Between aren’t suspense tales, per se, but there is something about trying to capture that fleeting ten seconds in which relationships are built. And I started to think that the clean yet kinetic lines in Bass’ work could be a starting point. That said, it was just that, a starting point – because my friend Chad Johnson, a talented graphics guru in his own write, took it to a different place, perfectly capturing the essence of the book That said, we did have a couple outtakes and here’s one on the right, just for fun.”

(Doug Hoekstra, 2021)

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