The Day Deserved

The Day Deserved – Doug Hoekstra (release date April 30, 2021)

Hoekstra The Day Deserved Spread

The Day Deserved, is Doug Hoekstra’s first album in over a decade, marking a stellar return to form and then some. Musically, the songs are diverse and deviate far from the typical singer-songwriter fare, with a nod to the likes of Cohen, Velvets, Kinks, and other folks Hoekstra tends to get compared to, with a mix of the immediate and the orchestral, reflecting rock, folk, jazz, and reggae touches. 10 songs, 55 minutes.

Highlights include the expansive build of “Higher Ground” (haunting guitars underscoring the viewpoint of an elderly man seeing his homeland disappear under the sea), the soul-inspired “Wintertime,” (layers of history, race, and music),the cello-driven “Unseen Undetected” (alternate tales of an immigrant and an intolerant, both heretofore hidden), and the funky noir fight the power groove of “Gandy Dancer” (with its round robin vocals and honking saxophone.)  

Press Materials

The Day Deserved One Sheet

The Day Deserved Back Story Booklet

(lyrics, credits, stories behind the songs, bonus poems, bonus photos)

Short Bios




(lyrics/credits, stories behind the songs, bonus poems and photos)

U.S. Distribution:

Drop Autumn Records
P.O. Box 111966,
Nashville TN 37222


Pati Devries, Devious Planet

European PR/Distribution:

Bert Pijpers
Continental Records

All Songs by Doug Hoekstra (BMI)

Administered by Kobalt Music

The Cast

The Day Deserved was recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio in Nashville, Hoekstra co-producing with proprietor Dave Coleman.  Core backing band was Dave on guitars, Hoekstra on rhythm guitars and keyboards, Chris Benelli on drums and percussion and Paul Slivka on bass.  Guests included Jimmy Bowland (saxophone), Hannah Fairlight (vocals), David Henry (cello and violin), Jude Hoekstra (clarinet), and Preacher Boy (vocals).  Album design by Bob Delevante; mastering by Jim DeMain at Yes Master.

The Backstory

Backstory Plus….

“Basically, after all the creative activity I’d been engaged in over the years, I spent the past decade stepping away from music to raise my son, work non-profit, teach, and do some prose writing.  He’s older now and a couple years ago, I was inspired by the influx of free time, things in our country I wanted to write about, and things I wanted to say musically, different than I had in the past.”

“So, this is a record intended to be a marker of the times, disenfranchised characters inhabiting the tunes, pressing on through barriers and breaks fostered by their surroundings.  Often, they travel a circuitous route, reflected in music that mirrors their path to self-determination, authenticity, happiness.  Sometimes the fruits of this journey are reflected in something as simple as a better day, their day, the day deserved.”  Hope you enjoy and can find yourself between the notes.  (Doug Hoekstra, 2021)

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