The music drives the words and the words drive the music, and for Doug Hoekstra it’s always the indefinable spaces that live on the page, off the canvas, or between the notes (as he writes in the introduction to his poetry collection, Unopened). 



Doug Hoekstra’s instantly recognizable musical persona anchors his work, setting sympathetic narratives against understated vocals, memorable melodies, and subtle but unexpected arrangement touches.  His eight critically acclaimed albums have earned Nashville Music Award and Independent Music Award nominations, a bevy of top 10 list appearances, and a longstanding reputation as a “songwriter’s songwriter” (CMJ Music Monthly). His first long player in 12 years, The Day Deserved, was recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio in East Nashville, and is slated for a 2021 release.

What People Are Saying…

“A lot of people write songs, Hoekstra writes five minute worlds.”

Philip Van Vleck, Wired Magazine

Unopened is a reminder of how good a writer Doug Hoekstra is. As heartbreaking as it is often hilarious, it chonicles life, as Hoekstra’s songs also have done, with matter-of-fact honesty and realism.”

John Clarkson, Pennyblack Music UK

“Doug Hoekstra has quietly become an icon of Americana music and the Nashville scene, writing beautifully spare songs that contain genius-level observations about people… Blooming Roses consists of another eleven perfectly understated songs that incorporate elements of country, rock, and even jazz.”

Jeff Vandermeer, Amazon.com / Omnivoracious feature

“Doug Hoekstra continues to deepen the emotional presence of his evocative songs. Much of their strength comes from the quiet bearing of his voice, contrasted against accompaniment that carries him aloft on the shoulders of a rollicking throng….he favors subtly soulful arrangements that give the finished songs a late-night Muscle Shoals funkiness, mixed with an inward-looking sense of space. The contrasts he utilizes create tensions that underscore the human-scaled core of the songs, enveloping the listener.”

David Greenberger, Harp Magazine

Written Word

Throughout his creative journey, Doug Hoekstra has been participant and observer, casting his stories in song, word, and visual art.   His short fiction, essays, poems, and flash fiction have appeared in numerous literary journals and his first book  Bothering the Coffee Drinkers  earned a Bronze Medal for Best Short Fiction in the 2007 Independent Publisher Awards (IPPY).  The Bothering experience also garnered stellar print reviews and signature appearances at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville and WXPN World Café’s Summer Reading Series hosted by David Dye. Hoekstra has published two subsequent books, The Tenth Inning (short stories) and Unopened (poetry, released in 2019).  A new collection of short stories, Ten Seconds Inbetween is in the works.

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