Game of Telephone – New Poem

Pleased to share another new poem of mine, “Game of Telephone, which appears in the latest issue of Feminine Collective, a fine online publication featuring poems and stories by writers dealing in “humanity, raw and unfiltered.” Authenticity as the compass. Founded a decade ago, by writer/model Julie Anderson, FC’s mission is to empower, educate, and entertain – grateful to be a part of this community with this work and others I’ve contributed over the past few years.  Hope you can check it out and spend some time perusing the other fine writers therein. Enjoy!

Game of Telephone

The telephone used to ring a lot
You see it in old movies
Heroes fumbling for their change
Being pelted with rain
Pursued, hiding, and afraid
There’s only one way out

In the middle of seduction
In the parlor, lights down low
The faithful always called
The criminal element laughed
The line went dead
And it fell off the cradle

Phone booths were everywhere
Lined up in the railroad stations
City street corners; travelers
Made it from town to town
Overseas, on time, in love
Carrying pocket maps

The telephone in our house
Hung on the kitchen wall
A second one in the bedroom
When they rang, we noticed
And always took the call
You never knew who it would be

Sweepstakes or a relative
Christmas wishes, happy birthday
Long talks with a trusted friend
Short talks with a secret crush
After mustering up your nerve
You’d wait to call again

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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