The Osprey

Happy to be part of the Summer 2022 edition of “Whimsical Poet: A Journey of Contemporary Poetry,” a fine collection edited by Sarah Altman and available at Amazon for purchase (link right here). Other poets included are Teresa McLamb, Bruce Parker, Kim Malinowski, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Kate LaDew, George Kramer, Stephen Cavitt, Maureen Sherbondy, Daniel Gonzalez, Jason DiFlippo, DS Maolalal, and John Stocks.

My contribution is the following piece, titled “The Osprey” – enjoy, and then pick up the journal if you can, for the whole sha-bang.

The Osprey (Doug Hoekstra)

On a broken log by the water
The waves hold up a mirror
The elderly couple walk together
Gingerly on the sand, always in step
Nothing but time. Ahead. Behind

I sense something, hear nothing.
Look up. An osprey spreads its wings
Glides. White, with brown spots
It coasts to its destination. Silently.

Like a Zen master, a fount of wisdom
Coming from the east, heading to the west
Reversible toes, laser eyesight, super power
The good sense to say nothing
When nothing needs to be said

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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