Carry Me – Video Premiere – Top 10s

We all know time is an artificial constraint, particularly in a pandemic, so promotion on the still new Doug Hoekstra CD  The Day Deserved  continues, as we work on new material for the next project(s).

First up, “Carry Me,” a new video and track from the album makes its worldwide premiere at Americana-UK.   It’s a reggae song about fatherhood, interconnectedness, and the notion of change and continuity as flip sides of a coin.  Doug wrote the song, played rhythm guitar, melodica, and organ on the track, and also edited the video, from 22 different “sources”.  Check it out at link, backstory below.  Thank you, AUK!

Words from Doug: “When my son Jude was little, we’d go for a hike at Radnor Lake in Nashville, and it wouldn’t take long for him to reach up and shout “Carry Me.” And I would. Time goes on, things change, but it’s still something you do as a parent, in a different way. Somehow I get as much or more from this dynamic than he does, over the years, and this song tries to get at that idea – we are all connected, taking turns carrying each other as our lives go on.”

“For the video, I had this idea of digging into my archives to cull footage from the many places we used to go, to hike and wander and share – but I wanted the clips to be focused on movement or the trails themselves always going forward. When I started editing, I also pulled on other images that mirror the lyrics, in a direct or parallel way, so as you see the changes in place, time and my son, as he grows up, from a little guy at the beginning at Radnor to a young man at Acadia National Park at the end.  So more than just a cache of cool places, the song and the visuals are about change and continuity coming together.”

In other bits and bobs on  The Day Deserved news, we are happy to say that the fine folks at Twin Vision are carrying the torch with some digital promotion these next few months.  Thanks to Kate Hay for leading the charge in that department and more news as we know it.

The Day Deserved also clocked in on several Top 10 lists at the end of 2021, of which we are grateful and appreciative:

–Top 20 of the Year at Lonesome Highway (Dublin) – nice to be up there with Jackson Browne, James McMurtry, Steve Dawson, and some other groovy folks.  Thanks Paul and LH!

–Top 10 of the Year at Powerpop (NY) Just behind Robert Plant and Alison Kraus, but a few steps ahead of Mickey Dolenz and Willie Nile – not that any of it is a competition.  “…brilliant somewhat minimalist New Wave folkie singer/songwriter stuff (think Leonard Cohen produced by John Cale)…this new one is a) his fists in nearly a decade and b) absolutely insinuating, i.e., the kid’s still got it.”    But it’s nice to get the kudos, and at this point in life, anytime someone says “the kid’s still got it,” it’s a kick (the kid part, you know).  Appreciation to Steve Simels, on that one.

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YouTube (visuals)

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