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Hoekstra Holiday Award Winning December News

Happy Holidays!   As the year comes to a close, we are seeing some nice best of action on this year’s Doug Hoekstra CD  The Day Deserved and this year’s Doug Hoekstra book   Ten Seconds In-Between .    Some blurbs follow and of course, you know a) they make a lovely gift set and b) we are not experiencing supply chain issues!

First up, we are chuffed to see Ten Seconds In-Between garner a 2021 Royal Dragonfly Book Award as the Best Short Story Collection of 2021.  First place in that category, you can find the rest of the honorable mentions right here.    Many thanks to the fine folks at Royal Monsters for the award and of course, Better than Starbucks press for putting the book out.   You can pick up a copy right here

Also thankful in a Frank Capra way for the following year-end best of blurb on The Day Deserved at the latest  Baby Sue,

“Doug Hoekstra released an album earlier this year entitled The Day Deserved, which is easily one of the best releases of 2021. He also authored a book entitled Ten Seconds In-Between, which is a cool collection of short stories. Hoekstra is a man with focus and creativity galore. I would recommend anything that springs forth from this brilliant man’s mind.”  

It’s true, over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to make Best of Lists and win/place some groovy awards (Nashville Music Award, Independent Music Award, Independent Publisher Awards) for the music and the words, and it’s always a kick.  It’s gratifying, because the competition or sheer volume of really fine artistic “product” being released is extensive. In this context, having folks recognize one’s work is much appreciated.

“Always an interesting cat, Hoekstra’s magic has always sprung from sounding so underground yet being visible enough to nail real awards…his first record in a decade is cause for celebration” (Midwest Record)

In other updates, there is a nice long, full length interview in the latest Aldora Britain Records Issue #60 (U.K.), commenting on “The Day Deserved,” as “an extraordinary array of influences from Americana, to folk to alt country and even a subtle reggae tinge and the stories told within are heart-warming and heart-breaking in equal measure.”

Throughout the interview Hoekstra waxes poetic on the record, the creative process, influences, film, you name it. Check the link below, pages 34-40 is the article, but lots of other good stuff on other fine artists, as well, throughout. Thanks to Tom Hilton and AB!.

Hoekstra has a way of examining life that few can put down on a page. You can read the book in a hour…and you will, several times, drawing something new each time.” (The Big Takeover on Ten Seconds In-Between, December 2021) 

Speaking of writing, there is a new Hoekstra poem, “Jazz” published in a recent edition of Feminine Collective (link) and bits and bobs of short essay pieces are still going live on the website all the time:    

Finally, The Day Deserved is picking up new airplay in spots, as well, most recently on Michael Terry’s Riding Point, 92.2 FM UK and Standing the Shadows of LEV, ALL FM 96.9 UK.   The following folks have also taken to the airwaves on The Day Deserved and many thanks to them all:  Americana Radio Netherlands (Paul Van Gelder), Austin Music TV, Blueprint 1020 (Netherlands) Blues and Roots Radio (UK), Ditty TV (“Gandy Dancer,” “Wintertime”), 40UP Radio (Jan Donkers/Netherlands), Groove Station,  Radio Bremen (Germany), Radio Guitar One, Radio Summerhall (UK), ), Taste of Blues (De Boeck Vincent Belgium), and closer to home –  WFHB (Bloomington), WMOT (Ana Lee/Murfreesboro),  WOTT (We Own This Town) WXNA (All About Nashville, Nashville Express). Back in May, Roots Music Report had the album charting at number 25 “with a slingshot” (our aside) and“Seaside Town,” the first single, also charted in their report.

And, if you’re looking for something to do while you’re in a tedious zoom meeting, you can always revisit the SIX videos put together for the Day Deserved, either at thewebsite or on You Tube.  In the latter event, sign up and follow, because we hope to drop one more before the year’s end, fingers crossed. 

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