Sharp Angles

DH / Frank Sinatra House

Recently I got boosted and feeling bionic, I decided to capitalize on my window of opportunity and take a trip to hike Joshua Tree, though I stayed in Yucca Valley and passed through Palm Springs. In the latter town, I stopped in to check out some of the mid-century architecture, drop in on Frank and Ava, say hello to the Holdens, teleport to the House of Tomorrow,  capture the Kaufman House, and otherwise make my rounds (solo and with the Palm Springs Mod Squad tour). Clean lines, bright sun, sharp angles. Though I came for the architecture, it was cool to stumble across the former digs of two of my all time faves, Harold Lloyd and Cary Grant (across the street from each other) and imagine some of those halcyon days.

Janet Leigh/Tony Curtis House

On Veteran’s Day, ironically, I also paid my respects to the Chairman, Sonny Bono, and William Powell (the Thin Man), and others interred at Desert Memorial Park. While reading my celebrity grave map, I ran into a fellow from my hometown of Chicago, who was there with his family, looking in vain for Jimmy Van Heusen and Busby Berkeley. By happenstance, I ran across Betty Hutton, though the print was nearly unreadable, a long way from the Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, which of course, puts everything in perspective.

…and the beat goes on

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