Bonie I miss Scotland and my friends who took me around by bus and by foot, through gardens and gargoyles past castles and river walks when the rain stopped and the yellow flowers bloomed golden across empty glens deep in the highlands cutting a path for the ancients beyond easter aquhorthies and hotel portmahomack whereContinue reading “Bonie”

Cousin Audrey

Now that Jude’s birthday has passed, I’m setting my sights on Christmas.  The best things in life are free, but kids need lots of stuff to open on the big day.  That said, my son is at the point where he’s getting me things for Christmas, as well, and last year I may have given meContinue reading “Cousin Audrey”

Luck Be a Lady

Dear Readers:    So, I’m going to use this blog to keep myself writing, short and long, on a regular basis.  But, part of it is also about sharing  published and unpublished “works” from the catalogue.  Eventually I’ll post a piece or two from my past story collection (“Bothering the Coffee Drinkers”) and preview a piece or two from my upcomingContinue reading “Luck Be a Lady”