Offseason – New Poem

Offseason (Italian Sonnet) Pleased to share another new scribbling of mine, “Offseason,” which appears in the latest issue of The Big Windows Review, an excellent literary zine based out of Ann Arbor.   This piece is an Italian sonnet.  I don’t usually write to form, but sometimes in writing and music, I think using a predeterminedContinue reading “Offseason – New Poem”

The Continental / New Poem

Pleased to have a new poem, “The Continental,” up at the latest online edition of The Big Windows Review.  You can check it out right here (enjoy!): Doug Hoekstra: “The Continental”

Interstate 65 Revisited

Happy to be a repeat contributor to a fine literary zine out of Ann Arbor titled The Big Windows Review.   A new poem of mine, “Interstate 65 Revisited” was just featured in the latest online edition and will resurface in print, early 2019.   Check out the zine, check out the poem (below), and as always,Continue reading “Interstate 65 Revisited”

Monument Valley

Happy to plug a new poem of mine, “Monument Valley,”  just published at the very fine Big Windows Review (the literary magazine of the Writing Center at WCC, in Ann Arbor, Michigan).    Check it out at: And for the bonus experience, I’ve included a couple of my photies right here.  Enjoy.