Short Songs Long Lives

Casting ourselves back to early 2012, this one appeared in Canopic Jar #25,  (fine zine, check it out) Short Songs, Long Lives (January 2012) She sent me a note about a song she’d just written, no instruments, “simple and sorta county.” “I love my little tune,” she added. Don’t know why, but this remindedContinue reading “Short Songs Long Lives”


Back in Sepember, a great zine called Twenty 20 published a short story of mine titled, “Stars,” in their Magic Realism issue.  You can check out the whole issue here:  here: .  I’m a big Magic Realism fan, so I was chuffed.  My tale is on page x (ten). The catch on this journal is youContinue reading “Stars”

Extra Sensory Something

Extra Sensory Something (2/2012) Part I –  Tiptonville Jude and I sat down to dinner, macaroni and cheese, with corn, fruit, and vegetarian baked beans on the side.  As I sit here writing, it’s easy for me to remember, because it is one of three basic dinners Jude eats in their entirety.  Sometimes I thinkContinue reading “Extra Sensory Something”