Back in Sepember, a great zine called Twenty 20 published a short story of mine titled, “Stars,” in their Magic Realism issue.  You can check out the whole issue here:  here: .  I’m a big Magic Realism fan, so I was chuffed.  My tale is on page x (ten).

The catch on this journal is you have to keep it to 20 words.   And, when I heard about them, I just had to take on the challenge.   Hitchcock was big on cutting, shot to shot, to convey emotion.  That’s sort of what you do with songs, poetry, or 20 word stories.   Now I’ve written an introduction that’s longer than the story, but here ’tis:

Stars (September 2012)

We hiked to the highest peak in

the park so she could put names

to stars that no longer exist.


Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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