The Creek that Was a River / Huevos

New work for the new year.

Happy to be part of the January, 2023 edition of “Whimsical Poet: A Journey of Contemporary Poetry,” a fine collection edited by Sarah Altman, available at Amazon for purchase. “The Creek that Used to Be a River” and “Huevos” are my contributions (reprinted here). Check out the links and order a copy if you can, to support this great journal

This issue includes a fine roster of poets in addition to Hoekstra: Toti O’Brien, Russell Thorburn, Jeremy Ra, Meggie Royer, Michael Riordan, Sally Quon, Mark Hurtubise, D.W. Schmidt, Kevin Carey, Italo Ferrante, Ben Westlie, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Sharon Whitehill, Paul Hostovsky, Carla Sarett, George Freek, L. Ritteler, Morgan Santaguida, Veronica Briones, Deborah Soloman Baker, Richard Band, Maureen Sherbondy, Elena Simeonova, Sebastian Taylor, and Martha Clarkson. Thanks to Sarah for steering the ship, and for having me along. Enjoy.

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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