Passing It On


So, when my son Jude was growing up, I took him to lots of concerts, early on, and always had music going in the house and car. But I never really wanted to push my guitar “thing” on him, since of course, he’s to be his own man. I did keep him going on piano lessons for a pretty long time, he played clarinet in band and he was into both to a fashion, but after high school, he didn’t pick them up much on his own. Which is fine. Then, lo and behold, this summer, he asked to play my guitar(s), which evolved into hours a day, which involved me going halves with him on one of his own to take to college. It’s wild to hear him playing and singing from the other room, well, like me at that age. He’s really enjoying it and quickly improving which as y’all know, is what happens when you put the time in.’


Also, as part that bug, Jude wanted to go back and visit Sun Records again in Memphis, his last week of summer vacation. It had been ten years since the last trek and even longer since I recorded there with my band, Bucket Number Six. Of course, it’s still cool and unchanged, even if that isn’t true of the rest of us. Some flipbook snaps of he and I here (2011 versus 2022).

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