Buster Keaton, Doug Hoekstra, and the Bay Area Mindfulness Center

No, the title is not a long lost psychedelic band from the 60s, it is the thing to tie together all the news that’s fit to send, re; The Day Deserved CD and Ten Seconds In-Between book.  The July recap follows….

First up, a new recording, answers the question… what do Buster Keaton, Tippi Hedren, and the Bay Area Mindfulness Center have in common? Answer – they all appear in “Silently,” a flash fiction that’s also included in Doug Hoekstra’s latest book, Ten Seconds In-Between. The tale takes a walk with two cousins, immersed in endless competition, and the game of expectations, the recording stands between song and spoken word. More July press, radio, and video news from the past month includes…..

–Nashville Scene.   It’s always good to be called a polymath, so thanks to Ron Wynn and the Scene for the nice feature, covering both “The Day Deserved” and “Ten Seconds In-Between” –excerpt:  

“…an ambitious and distinctive new album The Day Deserved is diverse and intriguing idiomatically.  Whe the solid rock foundation and writerly lyricism are dominant features, Hoekstra explores many other musical areas, ranging from vintage dub reggae to edgy and politically potent soul on Elements of jazz and folk are integrated into the basic framework, with Hoekstra’s hushed singing voice and assured authorial voice binding them together…the book’s material is no less diverse or compelling.” 

Writer’s Voices interview is live and posted(radio/podcast), on the book and the record, with live reading included. Writers Voices is a cool show, Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn run the ship; online and broadcast on KOHE 90.5 FM in Fairfield Iowa and KICI 105.3 LP in Iowa City.

–Lust For Life (Netherlands/print magazine) ran a nice 4 star review of The Day Deserved, with praise for the record, a spotlight on the closing track, “Outside Looking In,” and a shout out for musical compadre Dave Coleman. The wrap is that “the music of Doug Hoekstra is worth listening to, as a singer and an important poet.”

–Rock ‘n Reel (UK/print magazine), which ran a 4 star review of The Day Deserved in their May issue, featured a track from the record “Carry Me,” in the current CD sampler/edition (#88), showcasing Hoekstra’s “blend of imagination, invention, and poetic songwriting.”

–Midwest Book Review weighed in on “Ten Seconds In-Between”, testifying that it’s a  “memorable, thought provoking and original collection about connection….deftly written and a thoroughly absorbing read…especially and unreservedly recommended.” 

Baseball Bard posted Outside Looking In,” a video from The Day Deserved that premiered at Big Takeover.   The Bard is a fine hardball poetry site, also featuring Hoekstra scribblings in the past.

WMOT 89.5 Local Brew/Roots Radio continues to feature tracks from the Day Deserved, so special thanks to Ana Lee for keeping it going.  In case you missed it you can read the accompanying interview at Liner Notes Liner Notes WMOT Murfreesborowith that quote we love –

“The Day Deserved is the kind of record that draws you back again and again, and with each listen comes a new discovery in the stories he sings. Songs like, “Gandy Dancer”, “Seaside Town” and “Higher Ground” could each be a Netflix or Hulu series.”

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