Outside Looking In – Video and Radio News

Yes indeed, the latest single/video,,  Outside Looking In just dropped at The Big Takeover.   The closing track from the forthcoming The Day Deserved album, this one is a plaintive tune about a manual scoreboard operator at Wrigley Field, part of the action, but removed, the outsider working for inclusion without losing sense of self.  Hopefully something we can all relate to, in some context. Guitars, melodica, mailbox percussion, the video was filmed by Dave “Francis Ford” Coleman, at abandoned Nashville ballparks during the pandemic, crowd footage added later.


We amped up the videos this time out, and it’s been a fun and creative effort, lending new dimensions to the tunes, and also engaging others in the process. 

You can find them one by one on our visual page and also at the

Doug Hoekstra You Tube Channel

You know, old-timers – someone once sang that video killed the radio star, but airplay is picking up on “The Day Deserved,” as well, with a nod to: Americana Radio Netherlands, 40UP Radio (Jan Donkers/Netherlands), Groove Station, Radio Guitar One, Radio Summerhall, WMOT Murfreesboro (Ana Lee), WXNA Nashville (Annie McCue at Nashville Express) for starting the ball rolling.  

Multimedia thanks also go to Making a Scene – for the Hoekstra interview/podcast/cover and Imperfect Fifth (for having us at the SXSW Instagram takeover)

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Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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