Video Doubleheader Wintertime

It’s a bit different putting out a new record after 10 years, and even more different during a global pandemic.   But, one of the things we did for this to compensate on lack of live shows, is farm out a bunch of the songs to friends and associates for video work.   It was cool to see what they came up with and now, they’ve been placed as premieres in various spots.   Last week, we had a doubleheader of sorts, as “Wintertime,” the third video from The Day Deserved premiered stateside at Americana Highways and then, in Europe at Pennyblack Music UK.   Links on the titles, but also at the end of the post.

Notes on the tune/vid from yours truly:  “Winter as a metaphor, ala “Winter in America” by Gil Scott-Heron or “Winter’s Tale” by Shakespeare.  This song was inspired by a Nashville-Alabama drive, past miles of cotton fields, dark history rising to the present, the more things change, in time to the ever redemptive power of music, especially sweet soul music.  Sanctified.   Props to the band for capturing a vintage soul vibe in our own way.   The video comes from raw footage I shot in Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Franklin TN, Shiloh, and the Natchez Trace. Tried to get at those layers of time, visually. Max Hall and Glenn Hall down at Maximum Productions in Atlanta, did the assemblage, editing and other touches of niceness.” and

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