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More on the new book, “Unopened.” It’s been awhile since we had a record or book out, but it’s nice to see the amount of dedicated blogger / reviewers that have sprung up, passionate about literature, reading with no filter, digging the book for what it is. No, it isn’t the New York Times – it’s better. Of course, reviews are just part of the fuel that stokes the engine to make one project lead to the next. Should have news on radio and live stuff, forthcoming. For now, enjoy the clips, click the links for more, tell your mates, and by all means – pick one up! Parnassus (Nashville), Grimey’s (Nashville), Burke’s Books(Memphis), Amazon (Everywhere). Links below, and thanks for the read and the support.  Best,  Doug


“This is my first time reading the poet. I hope it won’t be my last. Unopened is an excellent collection of poems…broad, diverse…you never knew what to expect with every page. I enjoyed every poem in this collection. (The Booklover’s Boudoir)

“4 stars…I like words and if they sway me or make me feel some type of way then I’m all in…Doug’s book, Unopened, comes in three parts. If you like a three course meal, or love your experiences in threes, then you’ll love this….here’s the deal with this collection; you’ll definitely love one or two poems. You might even love a whole section or even better all three of them.” (For the Books I’ve Read)

“…From the first poem “Memory,” the reader is connected with the poet…Hoekstra, being a musician, also manages to include music in many of his poems — Sinatra, McCartney, Blues, and Jazz, in a very natural manner that is not forced and does not come across as song lyrics posing as poetry. The variety of forms are work well. It is a nice mixture of free form with a few sedokas and a sonnet (about a radiator of all things). Unopened is a meaningful collection of poetry that will strike a chord with most readers. It is a reminder that although we are all different, we share many of the same experiences and sometimes it takes good poetry to remind us of that” (BooksBikes – Evil Cyclist)

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