Double Rainbow

I write a lot about my son Jude, which stands to reason, since being a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me. Plus, I figure since everyone is either a child or parent at some point in their lives, it embraces many varied and relatable themes. This scribble was inspired by a recent Spring Break my son and I took, driving through Utah, listening to a lot of Edward Abbey in the car, looking outside the window and making the connections. Enjoy

Double Rainbow

Me and Jude
Driving on towards solitude
Listening to Edward Abbey read
Fire towers.  Freedom.
A backdrop of desert hues
Worthy of a painter’s palette

We share words
Visions.  Experiences.
From opposite ends of the spectrum
He, starting at the beginning
Me, heading towards the end
With perspective and proportion

Like the pinyon tree holding on
Alone in the distance, its
Deep roots defying the odds,
Against looming sandstone cliffs
And a double rainbow that appears
Seemingly just for us

DSC_0274 (2).JPG

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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