Don’t Touch My Ride

Found this pic from a trip to Stax, thought I’d take it somewhere, have some fun, and give a shout out to the great Isaac Hayes in the process.  Enjoy.

Don’t Touch My Ride

Don’t touch my ride
They used to say
In Memphis town
Back in the day
Pushing buttons
Like a true cliché
No automatic windows to
Box us in
Roll ‘em down
Feel the southern wind
Kiss my lips, feel my pulse
Wondering if
We can see ourselves
In the mirror
When the music plays
Things get close
And we get afraid
Feel the groove
Hear the words
Should be deserved
On every block
Of the cityscape
Paint your love
Feel your pain
Summer songs
Ruined days
Don’t touch my ride
They used to say
Just walk on by
Like Isaac Hayes

100_1474 isaac

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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