Bits and Bobs and “The Wave”

Happy September everyone. Been busy working, writing, resisting; hanging with Jude, catching up with old friends across the pond, teaching my boy how to drive a bit and poof, now he’s a sophomore at USN. As the temperature heats up and the water rises, thought I’d share a few bits and bobs of creative stuff that I’ve floated out there. Enjoy!

“Felicity” was posted in the most recent issue of a fine lit zine titled Brilliant Flash Fiction:

“Mr. X” is a new long form short story, which recently appeared at Second Hand Stories, aka Second Hand Podcast ( It’s an aural lit zine of sorts – this particular episode was synced with Father’s Day and posted beginning Thursday, June 15th, episode 20 . Second Hand Podcast’s own Mr. Jim Szabo does the honor of the read and you can find it catalogued right here: You can also find them at iTunes, google play music, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, and

“Trump Comes to Nashville” is a journalistic account written upon request for the fine folks at Ink 19 that appeared in April

“You Tube” is where we’ve been posting some back catalogue music, oldest to newest, with the thought of adding some fun new bits and bobs as we catch up.

“The Wave” (below) is a baseball-and-then-some poem that appeared in April at Baseball Bard (see text below)

The bullpens disappeared
In the offseason
Taken from the fans
And hidden underneath
The bleachers of Wrigley Field
Where deals are sealed
And barons reclaim
The wave – money changing hands,
Adding value to the franchise and
The killing of the filibuster
Brown ivy on the wall, withered
Wiping the canvas clean
Leaving those too young to know
Without a compass

I think of old WGN
Black and white static
Late night Jimmy Stewart,
Mr. Smith and the
Slaying of the Rains,
Following the money
While losing his innocence
Like gourmet popcorn
And flagship stores rising
From the ashes of the
Old Wrigleyville, in sync with
The parting of the classes
Right field sucks, Left field sucks
City boy, country girl
Rich man, poor man.

It was a joyride for the ages
While it lasted. The Cubs
Kicked the curse, while we were
Flattened by the aftermath,
Winning after losing after winning
And what that means to our identity
Me, I’m getting lost in nostalgia
Dollar fifty bleacher seats
Rodney Scott, Pete LaCock
The running of the goat
And the days of negotiation
Because the sun shines on us all
No matter where you sit
Or how much you pay to sit there

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Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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