Record Store Day – April 20, 2013

Hey folks –

My son, Jude and I went to record store day and wound up on the news:

A friend reminded me that the voiceover talks about how vinyl is making a comeback, appealing to both the young and old. His point was that I’m the “old” in this equation. Thanks, pal.

Anyways, the interview is at the end, but you can also see me leafing through LPs and Jude walking around in the background in his USN baseball uniform.

It’s funny – I kept some of the vinyl I collected over the years, and like most other folks, I got rid of some records when CDs came on the scene. They were always a beast to move. But, Jude is fascinated by records, how they work, and how they sound and so now I dig out my collection more often.

I love the idea of LPs coming back, and I love the idea of Record Store Day, to support the independents, which used to be the lifeblood of any music scene. They, too, are coming back. We have one of the best here in Nashville, Grimey’s. That’s where you can see me buying Jude “Ringo’s Rotogravure” (Jude’s seen Ringo a couple times in concert). I got a special Dave Brubeck live release, a Ramsey Lewis LP, and a David Lindley LP that I used to own. It’s funny how many memories come back to me, leafing through record bins. I’m tempted to buy back some of the ones I let go – but I know in many cases, this would only remind me why I got rid of them in the first place. Some music is for some times of your life; some music stays with you all your life. Just like people.

But, David Lindley – “El Rayo-X” is a very underrated record that I was glad to have it back.

As for Ramsey, the one I bought is titled “Mother Nature’s Son,” and it caught my eye because it has one of the ugliest covers ever, Ramsey sitting in a fake jungle surrounded by rabbits and doves. The first thing that caught me was the cover, which is something unique to records of a certain era. The second thing that caught me was that it was all covers of songs from the White Album, including more obscure tracks like “Cry Baby Cry.” It looked like a brave LP, so I bought it and it did not disappoint. It cooks.

Later on, Jude and I were playing a board game and spinning our LPs and he said, “they sound better, more full.” He’s such a smart kid. He’s right, they have a warmth that’s missing from CDs. And, it’s fun to me, to see the past become the future, as I flip through LP bins with my son, surrounded by the record buying young guns, college age “hipsters” who swear by vinyl.

Now, if only they would take the lights down at Wrigley Field…

See ya next time,

Doug (and Jude)

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