Levon and Duck

Hey folks, here’s a brand new poem I haven’t even sent anywhere yet….but by posting it here, it is protected by all applicable copyright laws!  🙂   Dig the read!

Levon and Duck (February 2013)

My son takes piano lessons.

I try to teach him

About staying in the pocket but

You know it’s a tough year when

Levon Helm and Duck Dunn

Both leave the planet.

I wonder if rock and roll

Will ever swing again.


I wonder who will take their place

And play all night long

For memories, dreams and

Reams of possibilities that

Lie within three chords.

A fourth. A fifth

Suddenly I feel

Like a man out of time.


Backlit darkness

Cherry red cheeks

Long deep breaths and

The climax that peaks

Across silence.  Then

Another breath

Before the next dance

Starts up again


I wonder who will take their place

And work all night long

To escape cotton fields

And factories, cast from

Clothes of different colors

To hold on to what we feel

Man, woman, bass, drums

Transcending what is real

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Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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