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Dear Readers:

These days I spend my time helping write charter schools and promise neighborhoods, as opposed to the hook-laden songs or meandering short stories of the past. But, last year, I did squeeze in a few new creative pieces, and a few landed in zines here and there.  And, now I have this blog, whatever it might be.

Towards the end of last year, I wrote a creative nonfiction essay called “Hopi Point”, for a Grand Canyon anthology.  The editor said kind things, but he passed, preferring pieces that go into the canyon, down below.  Mine just hovered at the rim.

So, I sent it to this great online magazine called Museum of Americana.  They, too, said kind things, but added, “we really love your music, can we feature that instead?”   They wanted to tie my work to the forthcoming issue, an update on William Heat-Moon’s “Blue Highways.”   Sure, why not?  It’s quite an honor, really, “Blue Highways in any form.”

I was pleased because they picked stuff from throughout every facet of my former “career” – “My Father’s Town,” “On the Interestate,” “The Bottomless Pit,” “Everywhere is Somewhere,” and “Disrepair.” It’s a nice little feature, now up at


And, as they say, “spread the word to all corners of the real and digital world. “ They’ll also have stuff on the News and Features section of the website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed to post between-issues content. It’s a cool magazine and they’re good people.

Now, there’s some lesson, as I put one foot forward and they chose the other. Not sure what that is, but maybe I’ll unpack it by the time of the next missive.



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Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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