Trailhead Past crowds of people taking pictures with i-phones And I-pads, shoulder to shoulder on the boardwalk Watching great travertine cliffs steam and sputter Sending ribbons of life spilling out against a backdrop Of gray clouds and dead struggling trees… We find the trailhead Barely marked and completely blocked By a dozen elk staking claimContinue reading “Trailhead”

The Meadows

The Meadows As we left the lodge pine forest and Walked through meadows dotted with Yellow wild flowers and patches of blue We came across a field of ravens Nodding their small black heads to and fro Dancing and hopping in crazy motion Through grasses tall to them, in front of us Everything moved inContinue reading “The Meadows”

Field Museum Poem

Over Christmas, my son Jude and I went to the Field Museum and saw a fascinating exhibit on bio-luminescent creatures.  I learned a lot about fireflies and many other beings of the sea.   So, I thought I’d try to do something different and work it into some kind of poem.   To me, it feels likeContinue reading “Field Museum Poem”