Here’s an appropriate poem, for Spring Break, as my son Jude and I will undoubtedly be looking at….Here’s an appropriate poem, for Spring Break, as my son Jude and I will undoubtedly be looking at…. Maps Carrying maps we move Through battlegrounds and trails, Roadways, displays and Museums built of alabaster On swamps in citiesContinue reading “Maps”

Science on Screen

Sent this around to a few friends already, but Jude and I went to another night of Science on Screen at the Belcourt Theater here in Nashville. Apparently, there are a few other locations around the country doing this, so if it’s in your neighborhood, check it out. It’s sponsored by a grant from theContinue reading “Science on Screen”

Dressed in Blue

Here’s a baseball poem for the season! Dressed in Blue (Friday August 6, 2004) In the yellow car we rode All the way to China Basin, Passing through the shadow of the Mays “Daddy, see the sailboats, Underneath the bridge,” “What’s that behind your glasses? “Your eyes,” you said, smiling. “They are brown and beautiful”Continue reading “Dressed in Blue”


Bonie I miss Scotland and my friends who took me around by bus and by foot, through gardens and gargoyles past castles and river walks when the rain stopped and the yellow flowers bloomed golden across empty glens deep in the highlands cutting a path for the ancients beyond easter aquhorthies and hotel portmahomack whereContinue reading “Bonie”

Tennessee Vintage Baseball

The Turning Point Blue versus gray, brother versus brother At Chickamauga and Vicksburg, she remained In the car, as I scoured the fields of battle, Closed my eyes and traced the flight of the cannonball Into the future Under a hackberry tree, near Sulphur Dell On a crackerjack blanket we watch Underhand bowlers and artisticContinue reading “Tennessee Vintage Baseball”