Unseen Undetected – European Video Release

Americana-UK presents the European unveiling of “Unseen Undetected,” the second single and video from the forthcoming Doug Hoekstra album “The Day Deserved.” Nice words throughout, summed up thusly: “as gorgeous a slice of low key Go-Betweensy Americana as you’ll hear today”. Enjoy the listen and the view

Unseen Undetected – Video Premiere

Happy to announce “Unseen Undetected,” the second video from the new Doug Hoekstra album “The Day Deserved” premiered this past week, Monday March 22 at Ink 19. “a welcome return to song from one of Nashville’s most lauded songwriters.”

Alternating narrative p.o.v. in the verses, genie out of the bottle, intertwining musical lines, visuals by Doug Hoekstra (who says – I’m no Orson Welles, but it was fun to put together). Presales up and running at Bandcamp, as released date approaches…


Getting nice feedback on the first listens from the forthcoming album The Day Deserved.  One writes and records in a bit of a vacuum, so it becomes real when folks hear it and engage – thanks.   The pre-sale is up at Bandcamp, videos and singles are dropping, and we’re starting to get some nice pre-release reviews, including this nice bit from Midwest Record.  “…his first new record in a decade is cause for celebration.” Magic.

Seaside Town Video Premiere – Glide Magazine

Happy to announce “Seaside Town,” the first video from the new Doug Hoekstra album “The Day Deserved” premieres today at Glide Magazine.   Single will drop later this week and pre-sales for the album are up at Bandcamp.

Thanks to Pat Meusel and Daniel Pennington for their fine work on putting the visuals together.   Enjoy and stay tuned for lots more to come.

“peerless musical tales of quirks & misdemeanors” 
Brighton Magazine

Doug Hoekstra (bandcamp.com)

Concessions / Canopic Jar

Per the last post, lots of creative stuff on tap for this year, starting with this. Chuffed to have a new Doug Hoekstra short story, “Concessions,” appear in Canopic Jar 35. Big thanks to Phil Rice, the vision behind the Jar, for including DH (i.e. me) among so many talented artists and writers. Check it out HERE.