Outside Looking In – Video and Radio News

Yes indeed, the latest single/video,,  Outside Looking In just dropped at The Big Takeover.   The closing track from the forthcoming The Day Deserved album, this one is a plaintive tune about a manual scoreboard operator at Wrigley Field, part of the action, but removed, the outsider working for inclusion without losing sense of self.  Hopefully something we can all relate to, in some context. Guitars, melodica, mailbox percussion, the video was filmed by Dave “Francis Ford” Coleman, at abandoned Nashville ballparks during the pandemic, crowd footage added later.


We amped up the videos this time out, and it’s been a fun and creative effort, lending new dimensions to the tunes, and also engaging others in the process. 

You can find them one by one on our visual page and also at the

Doug Hoekstra You Tube Channel

You know, old-timers – someone once sang that video killed the radio star, but airplay is picking up on “The Day Deserved,” as well, with a nod to: Americana Radio Netherlands, 40UP Radio (Jan Donkers/Netherlands), Groove Station, Radio Guitar One, Radio Summerhall, WMOT Murfreesboro (Ana Lee), WXNA Nashville (Annie McCue at Nashville Express) for starting the ball rolling.  

Multimedia thanks also go to Making a Scene – for the Hoekstra interview/podcast/cover and Imperfect Fifth (for having us at the SXSW Instagram takeover)

Eddie was a Gandy Dancer

“Eddie was a Gandy Dancer, but he only lasted a week” and this week, it’s a Doug Hoekstra Vents Magazine premiere served up for your enjoyment. “Gandy Dancer” is the song, about a railroad worker gone off the track, single video number four from the forthcoming album, The Day Deserved. This musical noir features a groovy 1999-Staple Singers inspired vocal trade off between myself (DH), Hannah Fairlight, and Preacher Boy, pushing the tale along.  The fabulous animated video was put together by Grant Claire at Goodnicethanks here in Nashville. It’s Saul Bass inspired, but he really ran with it. Link below followed by a bit more on the tune from yours truly.


Before my parents passed, I recorded many hours of interviews with them, family questions, about their lives and the times they lived.   Recently, I was driving along listening to my Dad from the past coming to the present to tell me about his brother Herbie, who worked for a short time as a gandy dancer, on the railway in Chicago.  Apparently, it was a terrible job, very hard, and he quit after a week.  I didn’t remember this particular family tale and I wasn’t even sure what a gandy dancer was, so I looked it up.  Herbie is not Eddie, the rest of this story is simply a noir tale I made up, but I thank my Dad for giving me the idea from then to now, as if he was just waiting to lay it on me, from the great beyond.

Gandy Dancer was also the last song we finished for the record; I felt like the bass/drums were solid, but that it didn’t have enough layers and that it was probably a song that needed to deviate more from the original path.   When the pandemic hit, however, necessity became the mother of invention as we went back to the drawing board, flying in overdubs, with Wurlitzer (me), guitars (Dave Coleman), congas (Chris Benelli), and sax (Jimmy Bowland) getting added to the mix and creating a whole new stew. Paul Slivka’s original bass and Chris’ original drums remained. Then came the round-robin vocals, adding Hannah and Preach to what I had going already. So this track really has a nice evolution, from my Uncle Herbie to my folk’s recordings to the studio to the “community” created during the pandemic.

Video Doubleheader Wintertime

It’s a bit different putting out a new record after 10 years, and even more different during a global pandemic.   But, one of the things we did for this to compensate on lack of live shows, is farm out a bunch of the songs to friends and associates for video work.   It was cool to see what they came up with and now, they’ve been placed as premieres in various spots.   Last week, we had a doubleheader of sorts, as “Wintertime,” the third video from The Day Deserved premiered stateside at Americana Highways and then, in Europe at Pennyblack Music UK.   Links on the titles, but also at the end of the post.

Notes on the tune/vid from yours truly:  “Winter as a metaphor, ala “Winter in America” by Gil Scott-Heron or “Winter’s Tale” by Shakespeare.  This song was inspired by a Nashville-Alabama drive, past miles of cotton fields, dark history rising to the present, the more things change, in time to the ever redemptive power of music, especially sweet soul music.  Sanctified.   Props to the band for capturing a vintage soul vibe in our own way.   The video comes from raw footage I shot in Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Franklin TN, Shiloh, and the Natchez Trace. Tried to get at those layers of time, visually. Max Hall and Glenn Hall down at Maximum Productions in Atlanta, did the assemblage, editing and other touches of niceness.”

https://americanahighways.org/2021/04/06/video-premiere-doug-hoekstra-wintertime/ and http://pennyblackmusic.co.uk/Home/Details?id=26639

Modern Day Classic

Good reviews help get the word out, but when people say the your record is “resilient, smart, and different,” a top pick, and that you’ve made “a modern day classic,” I’m not lying – it’s nice to see and of course, appreciated. Full text on “The Day Deserved” from tastemaker zine Baby Sue below. AND, while we’re at it, yes, pre-sales are happing Bandcamp. Thanks for the read

Unseen Undetected – European Video Release

Americana-UK presents the European unveiling of “Unseen Undetected,” the second single and video from the forthcoming Doug Hoekstra album “The Day Deserved.” Nice words throughout, summed up thusly: “as gorgeous a slice of low key Go-Betweensy Americana as you’ll hear today”. Enjoy the listen and the view