Silently – Spoken Word

What do Buster Keaton, Tippi Hedren, and the Bay Area Mindfulness Center have in common? Answer – they all appear in Silently, a flash fiction of mine that’s also included in the latest Doug Hoekstra book, Ten Seconds In-Between. The tale takes a walk with two cousins, immersed in endless competition, and the game of expectations.

Today, I give you the accompanying recorded piece, which grew into something that stands between song and spoken word. It started with Japanese drums, looped and slowed down. Then I did a few recitations, careful to shoot for the spaces. After that, I built the music around those two elements, adding bass, guitars, keyboards, and a sung chorus. It was recorded at home, in Nashville just me and Rogerthecat manning the board. Enjoy! (DH)

Published by Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.

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